Wednesday, July 27, 2011

pillow twins or triplets?

we're talking pillows this week!

I love Pottery Barn pillows, but they can be a little pricey at times unless you're one of the fortunate few who live next to an outlet. But I've actually found a few cute knock offs...

These PB ones are cute and have a nice shape, but they're $29 bucks a pop.

These are from World Market and look very similar but are only $12.99. Granted their color selection isn't quite as nice, but for the price you could afford to get these as well as something else with more pattern.

I also found these from JC Penney. They only have the orange & khaki colors available, but I'm really liking the orange for fall. On sale for $14.99

Tomorrow we'll talk more about pillows with some pattern & punch. Stay tuned!

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Michelle said...

I'm so excited! I am going to get addicted to reading daily posts, you better keep it up! Pillows pillows pillows. I really need to do something with my piles of pillows.

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