Tuesday, July 26, 2011

pillow talk

I love pillows. there I said it. there's something to be said about cute colorful pillows all around the house. of course I don't really have many cute colorful pillows in my house. although I have TONS of cute colorful pillows in my head's house or the house in my head or however it is that you say that.

I always have good intentions to buy or make lots of pillows, then change them out throughout the season. but by the time i actually decide what I want, the season has passed and I need to look for new pillows. I am always perpetually behind it seems.

anywho... here's my current state of affairs:

The couch & loveseat are Broyhill which also came with off white slipcovers. You know, white slips are all the rage nowadays. My perpetual behindedness (perpetual behind, haha that made me laugh) might explain why the white slips are not on said couches. But I hope to remedy that situation henceforth.

{on a side note, can you tell I've been reading harlequin romance novels this summer? }

The little blue & brown paisley pillow came from TJ Maxx about a year ago and the green pillows are from Ballards.  I wanted a snappy apple green color for the spring, but alas the snap is not there - huh? The pictures on their website were a little deceiving, but they're comfy pillows so I decided to keep em.

 The 2 little white & brown floral pillows came with the couches, but I hate them. So obviously instead of tossing them in the closet and getting new ones, I chose to display them proudly out in the open. Am I weird or what? don't answer that Michelle!  They might actually get shipped off to my Mom's house, who is redecorating.  Last week we filled up 5 carts at Ikea  - but that is a whole other post!

more pillow talk to come soon!


Michelle said...

When did you get new couches? Also, my couch came with about 20 bazillion accent pillows that I stack "behind" my end table. It looks like a gigantic mess. Maybe I should sew some new "snappy" colored covers for them with the sewing machine that Zeke and Emmett said they are getting me for my birthday (FYI - Emmett only wants to get it for me so I can sew him plush angry birds!)

I love your kitchen! You and Craig (and kiddos) are welcome to come to my house anyday and redo things. I'll even let you take pictures and post them on your blog for free! I love reading two posts in one day. Now I'll expect at least one a day. Keep it up!

Michelle said...

Hey, did you check out my spray paint before and after shots on my facebook page? You would be so proud :)

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