Thursday, July 28, 2011

favorite finds

I know I'm supposed to be posting about pillows this week, but I've been lazy and my pillow post isn't finished. So in the hopes of keeping my *one* reader happy, I thought I'd direct you mothers of boys to these totally adorable flash cards from House 8810...
are these not the cutest darn set of flash cards you've ever seen? Maybe I'm a little bit biased because I have a little mr. fix it (as well as a big mr. fix it) and we have a plethora of tools (both real and toy kind) around our house, but I am definitely getting these for my little mr.

They're a generous 8x10 size and wouldn't they be so cute displayed on a wall or stuck in frames spelling out your little guy's name? Add another project to my list!

You can purchase these here for $25. And I just noticed 10% OFF their little ones category with promo code LITTLEONES_10

Be sure to check out their other stuff too - I am especially loving their cute kitchen towels!

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Michelle said...

Since it was a late post, I hopefully get to read two today! I'm so disappointed it wasn't about pillows. JK! :) What's up with Linbry Lane Plans?

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