Friday, August 5, 2011

to die for blueberry muffins!

My mom came by this week and brought me these... 10 POUNDS of blueberries! My parents sell produce at a little shop and these came fresh picked from MI. yummy!

So I enlisted my little helper to make the yummiest muffins in the world. I found this recipe in our local paper several years ago, and they never disappoint. Granted, they don't serve my goal of losing these last 5 pounds - but that's ok. Fresh blueberries don't stick around forever, ya know?

My little helper seemed to like them :)

Notice that this recipe only makes 8 (which in my house lasts for about, oh hmmm, 12 seconds) So you might want to double the recipe! You can also nix the topping if you want (but that's the best part, imo) And I was out of vegetable oil, so I substituted applesauce and they still came out moist and delicious - and probably a little healthier to boot!

wash these down with a cold glass of milk and savor these last fleeting weeks of summer.