Monday, January 31, 2011

hello world!

wow. I'm actually here. on the internet. after wanting to start a blog for about 3 years, I'm finally doing it. It's scarily exciting. is that a word? my kiddos are running around crazy and I'm blogging! my mommy resume is complete.

now let's see if I can figure out how to post a pic...

there! I did it (i think.) Let me introduce you to my kids. That's Lauren (who is 7 going on 17 of course) Chloe is 5 and the Marky Mark to our Funkybunch (am I showing my age?) and Zach is our 3 year old wild man. He loves all things balls, trucks, tractors and mowers. He currently has a collection of 4 push mowers. You know the kind that you see at almost every garage sale you go to? Well, unfortunately for me, he is my constant garage sale companion. So our outings go something like this:

me: getting out of the car to see if this sale has some pottery barn curtains for $4 or some other such necessary decor item. 

zach: gets out of the car and immediately gravitates to the toddler toys in the corner of the garage. Spots a mower and whines  asks sweetly if I'll buy the mower.

me: do you really need another mower?!? you have 3 mowers at home already!

zach: but moooooommmmmmyyyyyy! I waaaaaaaaaaaaant it! pleeeeeeease? then proceeds to give me his best puppy dog eyes which includes fluttering his gorgeous long eyelashes he got from his daddy that make me so jealous because my lashes are 1/4 the length of his.

me: ok, zachy but you have to promise to be a good boy for the rest of the trip. 

zach: i will mommy! thank youuuuuu! I love you so much! 

So thus is how my son has a collection of 50 cent mowers in his bedroom, our basement, the living room and all over the house. Please tell me I'm not the only one who occasionally gives in to the whining just to get a little peace & quiet? shhh, don't tell my hubby. at least zach should be ready to open his own lawn care service by the time he's 12 :)