Friday, February 4, 2011

photshop fun

I've spent the past few days trying to figure out this blog stuff. I'm still not happy with the look, but while I'm messing around with everything and trying to educate myself in the fine tunings of blog design - I thought I'd share what I'm learning. 

The good news for us newbies is there are TONS of great sites and free downloads out there. Which, because of my darn indecisiveness, is probably part bad news as well. There's so much to choose from, my brain is spinning. backgrounds, headers, widgets, brushes, bling, patterns, papers, etc... now I know why people pay other people to do this for them! But I actually think learning this stuff is kinda fun, and I've always been a glutton for punishment. So please bear (bare?) with me. 

One of the great sites I found is And I followed one of her photoshop tutorials and was actually able to make this cutie:

which I placed on this cutie:

who is now this 7 year old cutie:

how is it possible that i have a 7 year old when I'm only 21? just kidding. but gosh, she is getting too big too fast...

so hopefully this link will work and you can try out this fun photoshop tut. you can make awesome labels that say whatever you want. like for instance, bestest, skinniest, non-frumpiest mom in the or something like that :)

how to make embossed labels in photoshop

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Grace said...

Hello Christy, thanks for dropping by in site and for your appreciation.... wow you did an awesome work on "I Love You"...and it looks so great with the kid's photo...BTW I love the kid's eyes...

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