Friday, February 11, 2011

house people

Well, I'm still knee deep in clipping masks and photoshop actions. Even though the blog doesn't look very good right now - I guess I should still post, huh?

Hubby and I have always been house people. We've moved 5 times in 11 years of marriage and are planning on building again in the spring of 2012. Thankfully hubby is very handy, and can do all the labor himself. We find houses that are in need of lots of love, fix them up and resell them, sometimes living in them along the way.

It also helps that we have a partner in all this - my in-laws. They are awesome people and we are truly blessed to have them in our lives! My father-in-law helps hubby out with all the labor, and it's a great way for them to spend quality time together (doesn't hurt that they're making money while they're at it!)

Ok, so now you sort of know our background. Here's our current project:

A lovely little 3 bedroom ranch in a small town just over yonder from ours. We're almost done with it and just have a few finishing touches to add (and by we, I really mean they. They do all the work; I'm just the designer behind the scenes with the big ideas that nobody really wants to implement.) So we're hoping to get it on the market this weekend, so I'm being summoned to go get the last few things (towel bars, shutters, etc...). And of course I have to go out on the coldest day of the year (you know it's cold when my dog comes inside with half frozen whiskers after only running out to pee and coming right back in!)

I've also finally made a decision on light fixtures for the half bath off the master and the kitchen dining area. Here's some of the finalists:

1. Hinkley light from csnlighting $86.33
2. Royce Lighting exterior pendant $75
3. Seagull Lighting stainless steel pendant $60.88
4. Hampton Bay Kristin mini chandelier $99.97
5. Barnlight shallow bowl pendant - $139

and if money were no object, I'd get this from pottery barn:

but for some reason my hubby thinks $399 is a little too much to spend on a light for a rehab house. grrr.

So the winners are....#1 for the kitchen and #4 for the master bath. I'll let you know how they look once installed. The finish line is close!

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Craig said...

That house looks like it needs a little work. Tell your husband to hurry it up. Love, Husband

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