Monday, March 18, 2013

deal alert: barn lights!

I just stumbled upon this awesome deal and thought I'd share. If you're like half of blog land you're in love with all the awesomely cool vintagey (is that a word?) lights from Barn Light Electric. The prices, however, are a little less than lovely in my opinion. So take a look at this great knock off version I found:

Barn Light Electric's version can be found here

Northern Tool's version is here

Another awesome thing about Northern Tool's version is it comes with multiple mounting options included in the price, whereas Barn Light Electric charges some big $$ for their hardware.
Multi-Mount Warehouse Barn Light — 16in. Dia. 
hanging chain w/plate that allows installation on slanted ceilings

Multi-Mount Warehouse Barn Light — 16in. Dia. 
fixed rod (in multiple sizes)

then this awesome gooseneck

Multi-Mount Warehouse Barn Light — 16in. Dia.
I have some more great deals to post & hopefully some shots of our new fixer upper.

Stay tuned!


Michelle said...

I just have boring lights, however would like a new pendant for my entryway. Just too lazy and cheap to change from builders grade. Too bad the previous owners didn't update it for us. :) Nice to see a post again. Don't make us wait so long for the next post.

craigh24 said...

Show us something on the recent house remodel that you did!!!

Michelle said...

Yes, show us something on the recent house remodel!!!

Michelle said...

You have one reader anxiously awaiting your next post. :)

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